Plumbing Toronto - Clogged Drains

Clogged Drains?

At Vellore Plumbing all of our employees are specialized in many aspects of plumbing. These aspects include clogged drains and all sorts of plumbing issues. Whether that’s hair removal, pipe replacements or clogged food substances. In this case we are dedicated to fixing all Clogged Drain problems no matter the size, problem or difficulty.

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Drain Cleaning?

It is important to have drains not only checked but cleaned at least once every two years.This is so that you can maintain a healthy and clean running water system in your household. That is why we are taking the initiative to make sure that our customers have their drains checked and cleaned. This assures us that no water anyone uses or drinks is contaminated in any way. Consequently if not cleaned there could issues with water flow or colour.

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Plumbing Repairs in Vaughn?

If you’re looking for a plumbing service in Vaughan then Vellore Plumbing could be the place for you. At Vellore Plumbing, they offer some of the best service and employees. Second, they will be in and out providing some of the best plumbing service that there is in Vaughan. Lastly, they make sure to listen to their customers as they are the foundation of every business.

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MISSION STATEMENT – Vellore Plumbing

Vellore Plumbing & Drain Repair is a company located in Vaughan. The purpose that the company offers to our customers is to repair any issues involving plumbing. As such, our company and our personnel are committed to delivering the highest quality in plumbing services. Our objective is to provide the best plumbing services in all of Vaughan. Not only is their goal to become the best but also by putting a smile on their customer’s face.

What do we care about at Vellore Plumbing?

What do we care about? We strive to present an image of quality and professionalism in every area. From various advertisements, service vehicles, personal appearance, sales presentations, and ultimately in our fine workmanship. Vellore’s goal is to fully satisfy customers from when they first answer the phone through completing the job. Vellore does this by being prompt, courteous, and responsive to their customer’s needs. It’s also our company’s responsibility that every task we do is done with the importance of each situation. At our company, Vellore Plumbing, makes sure that our customers needs and interests are prioritized and answered. They make sure that employees don’t leave the work site unless all tasks are completed in a well fashioned manner. The employees at Vellore Plumbing are trained with the best manners and respect. Overall the company cares about its customers mostly as they are the main factor in any business.

Next Steps…

Our company’s goal is to fully satisfy our customers from when they first answer the phone through completing the job. They do so by being prompt, courteous, and responsive to our customer’s needs. The goal for this company is to expand and become more well known by people outside of Vaughan. First, they’d like to satisfy their customers. Second, they want to build a steady base. Lastly, they would want to expand the company. This way if the company transitions to other places it wouldn’t become an issue.