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 Vellore Plumbing speaks for itself, as it is a well crafted company. Alongside with our many diligent and intelligent working people. Our locations that are currently up and running are located in Vaughan, ON, Canada. 

A Little Bit About Us

At our company we are always looking for many ways to expand and improve. Not only the way we do business but also how we handle business with our customers. Which is one of the reasons we created a blog. It is important for us to have responsible figures in our company, as it represents who we are as a company. And how we treat others. That is why if you ever walk in to one of our stores or give a phone call you’d be amazed. From the customer service that is given you’d want to return. Just as it is important for us to leave an impression it’s also our duty to create a well done job. This brand was created with  none other but to help customers with their plumbing problems.

Commonly Asked Questions At Vellore Plumbing 

We tend to receive numerous questions. But the most important thing to remember is to  identify the source of the problem. It is essential to fix and restore your home’s supply of clean water. As it is vital for life on earth. Some issues that could potentially affect your water supply are pipe corrosion, corroded metal, lastly pieces of broken parts flowing in your water stream. Another main issue that we receive a lot is when people’s water heater leaks. This could be caused by Broken drain valves, Corrosion, Loose water line connections, Broken temperature/pressure valves.

Steps To Take In Different Scenarios

We believe it is important for us to take care of your pipes. But what is more important is for you to take care of your own as well. Some steps that you can do is to not pour grease or oil down your drain. You should use a strainer, watch what you flush, and to know where your main water valve is. All of these are important factors of keeping your pipes clean and unclogged from potential food allowed down drains. The best way to avoid problems is to only allow water down the drain as that is the safest way to stay away from plumbing issues.

Ways To Improve Your Plumbing Lifestyle

In life we always have an option to do something one way or another. When it comes to what we think, we always believe that it’s the smartest option to have one of our professionals come in. We wouldn’t ever recommend or provide a customer with someone who is unprepared or incapable of completing the job. Here are a few pointers from us that will help your plumbing system.

How To Improve From Vellore Plumbing

For example, it is never smart to throw away any waste or food packaging down the drain. As it will become clogged or can cause floods. People believe that pouring cooking oil or grease down a drain is harmless because these items are liquids. However, we believe the opposite. The problem is that oils do not behave the same way other liquids do. Oils or grease may look like it goes down the drain fine. However, once it cools down, it can cling to your drain pipes. Eventually, the coating builds up over time, causing severe blockages, and clogged drain pipes. The end result is that you could end up having a clogged drain and need to call a plumber in Vaughan to come out and unclog it.

Go Green

A clogged drain shouldn’t be your only worry when it comes to plumbing. If you regularly pour vegetable oil down your drain, it will harm the water supply by polluting it over and over. One small way you can help protect your environment is by properly disposing your cooking oil. Pouring oil and grease down your drain or garbage disposal is an easy way to get rid of it but not the smartest. However, you should understand that it is not a  good solution to your problems. The best option to dispose of any waste is to use the trash can. The proper way for you to dispose of cooking oil is to pour it into a container and dispose of it in a trashcan. Far away from your drains!

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