The Rheem / Water Heating Services

At Vellore Plumbing, we are most known for our best selling product known as The Rheem. We offer a variety of services for our beloved customers to choose from. One of them being hot water heaters. We recommend The Rheem Hybrid Electric Water Heater as it will save your money by reducing costs of Hydro. 


Drano / Clogged Washer Pipes Services

Have you ever wondered why your clothes aren’t receiving enough water from the pipes when washing.In case you were we offer an amazing product called Drano. Drano is a chemical product used to eliminate common household clogs, such as hair, soap scum and gunk, trapped in drains and pipes.This could help create a more efficient cleaning for the clothes you love.


Max Gel / Common Day Drain Clog Remover Services

Last but not least we offer a product that is used for common day uses and that would be a drain clog. The name of the product is called Max Gel Drain Clog Remover. It comes in a 900 ml sized bottles and is great and easy to use when needed to.





Next Steps…

 Given that we are a smaller company we hope to expand our product line in the near future. In reality we wan it to reach to millions. Not to mention we want everyone to hear about the amazing things we have to offer and help them. We are currently in the process of pursuing a product catalog that will help us reach more people. As much as we love our products, we love our customers more. Together with the help of our customers we can grow. With this in mind we hope to grow soon.